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Sewing Machine License

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Sewing Machine License

Wann & Wo

14. Nov. 2020, 10:30 – 12:30

Selfmade Workshop Area, Friedrich-Karl-Straße 1, 12103 Berlin, Germany

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Price per person: 20€ (Materials included)

Ever thought about desingning your own clothes? Once you start you can´t stop!

Come to designers paradise and join this sewing beginners class. He will introduce you to a sewing machines and teach you the very basics of sewing. You will see that it is easier you´ve might thought. After this class and some practice you might be able to sew your first projects!

So don´t hesitate and get started! Sign in for this class in the Selfmade Store or write an Email to Mafe:


"I'm Mafe Bastos, mother of 2 girls, I am addicted to crochet and right now in hand embroidery, and sewing,I stitch all the time, every time. Never stop!

I founded last year a cute and beautiful brand of Bespoke embroidery and fashion for babies and kids named PETIT OLI, and I teach all these therapeutical manual crafts at The SELF MADE Berlin because I believe in making beautiful pieces are good for the heart and soul."